Vision - Mission

The Lord Jesus said, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (Gospel of John 10:10). In a world increasingly fragmented and hopelessly adrift, The Sword of the Spirit seeks to help others come to know and experience in a fuller way the abundant life that Christ offers.

As a “community of disciples on mission” The Sword of the Spirit seeks to

√ proclaim the good news of Christ through direct evangelization
√ bring together Christians from different traditions and cultures for common mission
√ support parents in raising children with character and a clear sense of identity
√ envision and train the upcoming generation to take on roles of responsibility
√ help bridge the gaps of race, class, and culture
√ work in cooperation with the churches to foster Christian renewal and promote unity
√ give hope and vision to those seeing their countries destroyed by war and violence

In a turbulent age...
During the 1960s and 1970s—a time marked by sudden and powerful social upheaval—a worldwide movement of Christian communities began working to strengthen faith and family life. In our current age of surf-the-net “virtual” relationships the need for stable communities of faith is even more profound.

Across the world...
The Sword of the Spirit is an ecumenical association comprising more than 65 communities in 24 countries—more than 10,000 people using their time, money, and resources to help their fellow human beings. Members belong to Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox traditions.

For a better future
The breakdown of family life has become an accepted fact in most of the modern world, but it need not be. Christian communities provide daily practical support for singles. married couples, and families to live a quality of life that speaks to the world around them. They join in the task of bringing gospel values to their homes and workplaces.