Welcome to The New Jerusalem Community

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The Christian communities provide practical and daily support for singles, couples and families. This support helps them to live a quality life that is communicated to the world around them. They join in the task of bringing Gospel values ​​to their homes and workplaces. The Community aims to help others to know and to experience in a more complete way the abundant life that Christ offers.

In response to the call to follow Christ, we as Catholics living in a community, inspired by the Bible book of Acts, we are part of brotherhoods and movements in many nations and cultures. Thus we can unite more effectively in support of the mission given to us. While we can work together with our brothers and sisters of other churches that have received this same call and mission.

As a "community of disciples on mission" we look for:

√ Proclaim the good news of Christ through direct evangelization
√ Promote the work of the new evangelization according to the desire of the Holy Father
√ Support parents in raising children with character and a clear sense of identity
√ Imagine and train the next generation to assume positions of responsibility
√ Help fill the gaps of race, class and culture
√ Work with the Church to promote Christian renewal and promote unity
√ Give hope and vision to those who are seeing their countries destroyed by war and violence
√ Live and serve as committed members of the Church