Do young people are part of The New Jerusalem community?

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Of course, young people are an important part of our people. Present and future because they are already actively involved in the life of the community with important responsibilities and no doubt they will come out top leaders of our people and the Church.

In the community there are university students, others are already working. They have their own sharing groups, training activities especially designed for them, informal activities where they enjoy the fellowship and friendship, international meetings with other youth in the communities of Cutting Edge or other realities of the Church. Also have a close relationship with community members, from children (where some young people serve as responsible for them) to the village elders.

Young people also carry out a program for youth evangelism, which are made known to others who follow Christ is the best way to live, you can be young, Christian and being Christian is not synonymous with boring or old fashioned, but worth the risk.