How do children fit in the community?

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The Christian community is a wonderful environment for children. Children experience a network of relationships with peers, adults and children and many adults. They thrive in a society of love and support that helps them develop as individuals and as Christians.

Children enjoy a special program during community meetings, and participate in their own meetings throughout the course, where there is training designed for their level and activities such as nature outings, cultural etc, but what they really expect is summer camp. The Community has a home in a small town in the midst of nature and spend a week together, where they have to stop and experience a special closeness with Jesus and each other.

Teens also have their meetings, which alternate and training groups to share with informal activities. Several times a year meet with youth from other communities or other realities of the Church, for meetings and retreats. They also participate in mission trips organized by the Cutting Edge, Language Courses, vacation etc families from other communities. These trips (often made with young people) allow teens to serve the Lord in Communities in Latin America, North America and locally. The program aims to give young people many opportunities to experience Christ, to help them live a radical Christian life and to foster lasting friendships Christian.

Children and adolescents in The New Jerusalem is considered fully part of the community life until, as young adults decide to join the community and follow the Lord's guidance elsewhere.