How people joins the Community The New Jerusalem?

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Those interested in participating in the New Jerusalem community, start participating in some activities of the Community, these activities are varied, some designed for young people, families, prayer meetings, Masses allowing the person to the members Community, lifestyle meet and fall in love with the Lord's work, at times some of these people, after a time to participate in these activities, are interested in having a deeper, more personal encounter with the Lord and invited to participate in a meeting designed to reunite with a personal God who loves you.

After this time of knowledge are invited to make an initial commitment, which usually lasts a year or two, people begin to participate more actively and engaged in the life of the community and trained in the Christian life.

After this stage, the commitment is made "on track", which lasts several years. This together with the previous stage provides time for personal growth in Christian life and discerning the call to join the Community "The New Jerusalem ". those who complete this training time and discernment, are asked to make a lifelong commitment to live as a member of the Community. this commitment means that members agree to remain part of the community unless clearly the Lord leads us to another place. people who do not want to make this commitment can become members of youth programs or marriages that has the community and is a more limited form of participation that members of the community.